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Tank Locating

tank locating services An Underground Storage Tank (UST) is a metal tank that has connective piping with more than 90 percent of its combined volume underground. These include oil tanks and septic tanks, among others. It is extremely important to know of their existence on or around your property. Many of these USTs are used to store petroleum and over time the metal of these tanks and their pipes corrode allowing petroleum to contaminate the soil and groundwater.

oil tank locating services

Finding USTs are a large part of our business for many reasons. If there is a UST on your property you may be required to have it removed. The state may even require proper documentation showing that the UST was properly abandoned or safely removed to prevent any potential contaminations. Your area may also require that all tanks be located above ground.

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Some other reasons for this service would be if there was a UST on your property at any point then this may also affect any future sales of that property. It is also important in the case of needed underground tank upgrades as well as conversions from fuel oil to natural gas. Whatever the reason we can assist you.


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