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Methods and Services

X-ray Locating stands behind their work 100%. We are professional, courteous, and punctual. Our employees are well trained on all our equipment and treat every job or project with the utmost respect. We cater to your needs.

Line & Utility Locating

We provide this service in the event of buried electric lines, communication lines, water lines, steel pipes and steel conduits that need to be located.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

A very crucial service when there is a known utility that is either a non-metallic material such as PVC and clay, or does not have any access points such as a shut-off valve, manhole, or a meter panel. Read more.

Video Pipe Inspection

This is most useful when visual confirmation is required of a buried pipe suspect of having obstructions or structural issues such as, disconnected fittings, cracks, or penetrating roots. Read more.

Vacuum Excavation (soft dig)

If itís a test-pit you need, weíve got you covered. This method is a safe, nondestructive means of digging. Read more.

Buried Manhole cover and Valve Investigation

With the use of magnetometers and void finders we can accurately locate buried manhole covers, valves, drywells and cesspools. Read more.

Tank Locating

Finding buried USTís are a big part of our business. There are many reasons why one would have a need to locate a tank; Read more.

Digital Mapping

Is providing your utility survey plotted on to a print for your records or perhaps to fulfill a requirement from a homeowner, business owner, or a contractor. Read more.

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